(Belated) Easter Prose

The claim is that 2,000 years ago God vindicated the life and teachings of Jesus by raising him up from the grave. This is, very literally, ancient history, and surely it stretches the modern imagination. But whatever you make of the likelihood or literality of the claim, Easter is claiming a truth bigger than history, bigger than humanity. The doctrine of the Resurrection, like all doctrine, is an expression of God’s style. Today we’re claiming that God is the sort of God who vindicates a man of peace unjustly sentenced to death as an enemy of the state. The most obvious modern parallel of Resurrection is the exoneration of wrongly accused death row inmates. So part of our Easter proclamation is that God is a pro-bono criminal defender. And what else? A physician, a liberator, a fire that burns and yet does not consume. Choose your metaphors but choose them wisely, because then you have to go and do likewise.


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