Very Strange Sentences From Market Fundamentalists

These are real sentences written by a real person:

There are people who would like to work for $4 an hour, and there are employers who would like to hire them for that wage. However, for them to enter into such a transaction is a criminal act. Some far-away clueless politician has arbitrarily decided that $4 an hour is not fair and not enough to live on.

The thing is, this might actually be a valid thing to argue if we all lived in an Econ 101 textbook. But we don’t so it isn’t. Only someone with approximately zero points of contact with the real world could write something like this and actually believe it. We’ve ventured into the land of Market Fundamentalism, which is just as dogmatic and unwavering as any brand of religious fundamentalism.

So far as I can tell, there really aren’t any meaningful differences between theological systems and political or economic ideologies. They’re all attempts to tell a big story about the way the world works. Some are more true than others but none of them get at “big T” Truth.

Sometimes people say that we could be rid of most of our problems if we somehow got rid of religion. Nonsense. Religion is one of many ways dogmatism and ideological rigidity find expression, and Market Fundamentalists prove the point perfectly.


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