Cognitive Dissonance: Churches and Guns Edition

So, this is happening:

Pryor Creek Community Church is also one of a few dozen churches around the country that are offering concealed carry certification classes as a way to reach out to non-Christians and attract new members. Melton sees no conflict between being a Christian and possessing weapons.

“The disciples carried weapons,” Melton said. “Peter cut a man’s ear off. I believe if more honest citizens were armed, the safer our communities would be.”

Right. All four of the canonical gospels say that, when Jesus was arrested in Gethsemane, a disciple cuts of a guy’s ear.  John says that it’s Peter doing the cutting and a guy named Malchus doing the having-his-ear-cut-off.

Another maybe-important part of this scriptural episode is that, in John, Matthew, and Luke, Jesus condemns the act and tells the disciples not to resist his arrest.  And, in the gospel of Luke, Jesus puts the guy’s ear back.

So, as Melton points out, clearly the take-away for modern churches ought to be “More guns, Less crime.” And really it would be unfaithful or maybe blasphemous to NOT have concealed carry classes in churches.

It’s almost as if these people only care about Christianity and/or Scripture in so far as they’re able to blatantly twist it in order to bolster the True Gospel of NRA Conservatism.


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