Assorted Links

1. Y’all should read H.E. Fosdick’s Armistice Day sermon from 1933. It’s by any measure a classic and probably one of the best sermons of the 20th century.

2. Romans might’ve worn socks with sandals, which makes that whole Crucifying God Incarnate thing that much worse.

3. Here’s a pretty juicy article about former POTUS Ronald Reagan.

4. Liberal Democrats really need to learn how to talk to southerners. An economically populist, socially liberal political coalition could hold for a long while. It’d be like the New Deal all over again, except without the racism.

5. Glenn Beck acted as a bridge between Mitt Romney and Evangelical voters, the NYTimes reports. In my view, politically conservative Evangelicals don’t care about doctrine nearly as much as they care about a certain set of social mores and political views that they believe to be inseparable from their doctrines. This article pretty well bolsters that contention.

6. One of the reasons I’m not terribly optimistic about religion healing our political polarization is that people generally don’t compartmentalize their religious and political views–it’s all part of a larger worldview package. CNN’s red state vs. blue state Jesus quiz is a telling case in point.


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