Tuesday Links

1. Bill McKibben spells out the reality of our impending environmental apocalypse over at Rolling Stone.

2. Considering we’re absolutely screwed if we don’t do something about climate change, it’d be cool if some scientific issues could maybe be just a little teensy part of our presidential campaign.This group is floating a document to that effect, but considering that one of our major political parties is rabidly anti-science, it’s probably not gonna happen.

3. Here’s a NYTimes op-ed about Michelle Bachmann’s brand of religious bad craziness.

4. What do you call it other than Rank Hypocrisy when folks who insist that they’ve boot-strapped themselves w/o the help of big bad government have actually taken millions in government loans and contracts?

5. The U.S. is about to have its highest levels of poverty in about 50 years. The Washington consensus is that what we really need to be doing is gutting our social programs and giving more money to rich people.

6. If you’re still under the impression that the solution to #5 is more of the same policies we’ve been pursuing for the past 30 years, check out this graph. Something isn’t working.


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