The Vatican

Just for the record, I have absolutely no desire to be Pope. The Vatican’s outdated organizational structure and competing political factions make the position an administrative nightmare.

It’s not really surprising whence the problems stem:

The Vatileaks scandal has also brought to light the reasons behind the sacking of another senior official. Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, head of the Vatican bank until shortly before Pentecost, was apparently shown the door because he was trying to bring more transparency to the scandal-ridden institution. His goal was to make the bank — where Mafia godfathers once deposited their money for safekeeping — eligible for the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) “white list” of supposedly clean organizations. Tedeschi wanted the Vatican to finally disclose transactions that satisfied international standards on combating money laundering. He failed.

Observers believe that the banker’s case is the real core of the scandal, a power struggle over control of the Vatican’s finances. This most likely explains why Tedeschi was so vigorously ousted. The bank’s board of directors issued absurd justifications for his expulsion, saying that Tedeschi, a professor of business ethics, was unpredictable and had drawn attention to himself through his absences.

Things like transparency and accountability tend not to fare well when they’re left alone with enormous financial institutions.


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